System Configuration

Required Present
PHP Version 5.0 5.3.3
DOMDocument extension Yes 20031129
PCRE Yes Yes
Zlib Yes 1.1
MBString extension Yes Yes
GD Yes Yes
opcache For better performances APC 3.1.13
GMagick or IMagick Better with transparent PNG images
No. Recommended for better performances

DOMPDF Configuration

Config name Value Description Status
DOMPDF_DIR '/var/www/html/dompdf-master' Root directory of DOMPDF Readable
DOMPDF_INC_DIR '/var/www/html/dompdf-master/include' Include directory of DOMPDF Readable
DOMPDF_LIB_DIR '/var/www/html/dompdf-master/lib' Third-party libraries directory of DOMPDF Readable
DOMPDF_ADMIN_USERNAME ****** The username required to access restricted sections
DOMPDF_ADMIN_PASSWORD ****** The password required to access restricted sections Password should be changed
DOMPDF_FONT_DIR '/var/www/html/dompdf-master/lib/fonts/' Directory containing fonts loaded into DOMPDF Writable
DOMPDF_FONT_CACHE '/var/www/html/dompdf-master/lib/fonts/' Font metrics cache (used mainly by CPDF) Writable
DOMPDF_TEMP_DIR '/tmp' Temporary folder Writable
DOMPDF_CHROOT '/var/www/html/dompdf-master' Restricted path Readable
DOMPDF_UNICODE_ENABLED true Unicode support (with supporting fonts)
DOMPDF_ENABLE_FONTSUBSETTING false Enable font subsetting, will make smaller documents when using Unicode fonts
DOMPDF_PDF_BACKEND 'CPDF' Backend library that renders the output (PDF, image)
DOMPDF_DEFAULT_MEDIA_TYPE 'screen' Default media type (print, screen, ...)
DOMPDF_DEFAULT_PAPER_SIZE 'fullhd' Default paper size (A4, letter, ...)
DOMPDF_DEFAULT_FONT 'serif' Default font, used if the specified font in the CSS stylesheet was not found
DOMPDF_DPI 96 DPI scale of the document
DOMPDF_ENABLE_PHP false Inline PHP support
DOMPDF_ENABLE_JAVASCRIPT true Inline JavaScript support
DOMPDF_ENABLE_REMOTE false Allow remote stylesheets and images allow_url_fopen enabled
DOMPDF_LOG_OUTPUT_FILE '/var/www/html/dompdf-master/lib/fonts/log.htm' The file in which dompdf will write warnings and messages Writable
DOMPDF_FONT_HEIGHT_RATIO 1.1 The line height ratio to apply to get a render like web browsers
DOMPDF_ENABLE_CSS_FLOAT false Enable CSS float support (experimental)
DOMPDF_ENABLE_AUTOLOAD true Enable the DOMPDF autoloader
DOMPDF_AUTOLOAD_PREPEND false Prepend the dompdf autoload function to the SPL autoload functions already registered instead of appending it
DOMPDF_ENABLE_HTML5PARSER false Enable the HTML5 parser (experimental)
DEBUGPNG false Debug PNG images
DEBUGKEEPTEMP false Keep temporary image files
DEBUGCSS false Debug CSS
DEBUG_LAYOUT false Debug layout
DEBUG_LAYOUT_LINES true Debug text lines layout
DEBUG_LAYOUT_BLOCKS true Debug block elements layout
DEBUG_LAYOUT_INLINE true Debug inline elements layout
DEBUG_LAYOUT_PADDINGBOX true Debug padding boxes layout